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When a vehicle is picked up from a port in the United States, the process tends to work very similar to a regular shipment. You will need a specialty driver to enter the port property, but as long as all your paperwork is in order and you are using a reputable company like Diesel Auto Express, then the shipment should go smooth. A booking # is usually all a driver will need to get a vehicle picked up from a port in the United States.

However, Exporting a vehicle requires a lot more documents to be collected, in order to have the vehicle dropped off at the port. Not only will you need a specialty driver to enter the port property, you will also need your booking number paperwork, that you will have to arrange with a international shipping agent prior to organizing your mainland shipment. You will need the title, as well as making sure your vehicle is completely empty before shipping and only 1/4 tank of gas. Exporting will also require payment in full upfront before the shipment can be scheduled, since once a vehicle leaves the states, there is not much we can do.

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Importing and Exporting a vehicle requires a lot of paperwork and documents to be in order.strategic planning is needed to make sure your vehicle is picked up or delivered, on time, to the port for shipping. A specialty driver will be needed in order to enter the port and the driver will also have to stop and make multiple copies of the documents, the port requires for drop off.

Usually, a person wanting to import or export a vehicle will contact an international shipping agent for the international portion of the shipment and then a company like Diesel Auto Express will be used for the mainland domestic transport.

Alaska and Hawaii shipping

Alaska and Hawaii shipping are very similar to International Shipping, however, you will not need to contact a international shipping agent to schedule your move. Diesel Auto Express can facilitate your shipment for you from pickup to delivery. With Alaska and Hawaii shipping, you do not need your title to be present at the time of shipping, unless you have a lien on the vehicle, but your vehicle will still need to be completely empty for shipping with only ΒΌ tank of gas in it. Diesel Auto Express can also pick up your vehicle from the mainland port and bring it to you anywhere in the connecting 48 states. If your vehicle is being shipped to a port in Alaska or Hawaii, we can help you schedule to get it picked up and delivered to your doorstep if possible or make sure you have the proper information to pick it up in a timely fashion from the port.

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