Classic Car Shipping

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At Diesel Auto Express, we understand your need to ship your classic vehicle with a company that not only cares about you and your needs but understands your vehicle as well.

Cars today are not made like they used to be, all vehicles have good qualities, but we know it is the classic cars that have the best! Classic vehicles give us that nostalgic feeling of when we were growing up, they are less complicated and have way more room and at the end of the day, they are just really cool!

classic car transport

We understand the man hours, sweat and time it takes to keep your classic car in the most pristine condition, therefore, Diesel Auto Express only hires the best drivers with the best car knowledge, to make sure your every need is met, and your classic car is shipped without a hitch!


We have shipped hundreds, if not thousands of classic cars. We have shipped for every type of customer, from your everyday classic car guy, to the private car collectors seeking the next best find, to add to their collection. Classic cars are a sound investment and with Diesel Auto Express, we value your classic car collection and appreciate the historical value they bring to the car industry.

Diesel Auto Express will make sure your vehicle gets the attention it deserves. Give us a call for a quote!

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