Dealer Trades

If you are a dealership, then you know that shipping cars can sometimes be a hassle. At Diesel Auto Express, we offer car dealerships, reliable and cost effective automotive shipping services. We understand the value you place on your customer’s satisfaction. No matter what service you need, we can help.

Years of quality experience

As vehicle shippers, we provide top quality auto transport services and ensure that no other company can compete with our dealer optimized car carrier services. Our years of quality experience allow us to guarantee that your automotive transport will be done efficiently and will be specifically tailored to your needs. Auto transport is our specialty and we pride ourselves in the service we are able to provide for you.

dealers auto shipping us

Dealer auto shippers are a necessary component in the auto industry. Our large fleet at Diesel Auto Express, allows us the ability to assure you, we can provide the vast amount of transportation needs and we are able to meet your specific requirements and request. As a reliable car transport company, we know we can surpass your expectations in car shipping at an affordable rate.

Providing transport solutions

We are committed to providing transport solutions to dealerships with integrity and efficiency.

As an established team of car shippers, we hold high expectations to the services we offer and value each customer, enthusiastically. Whether your dealership is on a large National level or, a smaller scale, we offer unyielding service and satisfaction equally.

Dealer trades are also made easier. Your newly-hired auto transport company can pick up the vehicle from either your location or the location of the vehicle(s) that is/are being delivered to you. When the first vehicle is either picked up or delivered, the second vehicle is then set out for delivery as well. In addition, both vehicles can even be delivered at the same time.

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