Door-to-Door Car Shipping

What is door to door car shipping

Door-to-Door car shipping is when a transport truck picks up your vehicle at your home or business and carries your vehicle from your requested pickup location, to your requested delivery location. When your vehicle is picked up and delivered with door-to-door car shipping, you are able to be there or have someone present in your absence, during the loading and unloading of your vehicle and you will be able to have the vehicle inspected for any wear and tear or damages and view the loading in person, to assure everything goes well, while the driver is there.

door to door auto shipping

How it works

Since most vehicles that ship across the country are hauled on a 7-10 car carrier, door to door, the truck driver will try to get as close to your door as possible, to pick up and deliver your vehicle. In some cases, a car hauler is not allowed down the side streets, depending on the rules and regulations of that county or neighborhood. If this is the case, the driver will ask you to meet them at the closest large parking lot to your location for loading and unloading.

On delivery, you will be able to inspect the condition of your vehicle once again, sign the papers, agreeing to the condition your vehicle is in. The driver will give you a copy of the signed bill of lading at your pickup and a copy at your delivery.

We have been shipping vehicles door to door (door-to-door car shipping) for over 10 years in (your city), with professional and outstanding service. We require no upfront payments and offer full coverage insurance, so you can have a piece of mind during your transport.

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