Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed carrier

Enclosed car shipping is when your vehicle shipping by enclosed truck. An Enclosed carrier is a type of transport truck that is enclosed on all sides. They come in different types of enclosures. There are soft cloth enclosures, which essentially is like wrapping a very thick and durable tarp that is secured to all sides of the truck bed and shields your vehicle from the road and weather elements. There are also hard side enclosures, these types of enclosed trucks are completely sealed off and have a lesser chance of being penetrated in an accident or weather-related issue. They also have less of a risk of break- ins during a long-haul transport.

Either type of enclosure will do an exceptional job. With Diesel Auto Express, you can put your mind at ease, our enclosed carriers are top of the line, hard sided and can take care of any of your enclosed transport needs.

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What is the purpose and the benefits of shipping your vehicle on an Enclosed Carrier? Well, the purpose is to ensure that your vehicle is not exposed to the weather elements or to prying eyes while the truck is in route across our great nation.

Shipping Enclosed keeps it safe from flying rocks, rain, snow, sleet, hail and any other natural element that may damage your vehicle during transport. It keeps your vehicle, technically, locked in a box and safely transported from pickup to destination, leaving behind the worries of, what if.

Many people choose Enclosed car shipping  when they are shipping prized possession vehicles such as: Luxury sedans, Exotic vehicles, race cars, restored classic cars and much more. Diesel Auto Express has the best of the best when it comes to enclosed carrier transport. We hand pick only the finest and most reliable drivers to transport your baby from pickup to delivery, ensuring that your vehicle stays in pristine condition. Give us a call today for a no obligation price quote!

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