Open Car Shipping

Open carrier

What is an open car shipping? This is vehicle delivery with an open carrier transport, a type of semi-truck that transports vehicles on its trailer, kind of like a tow truck, but without any of the vehicle’s tires touching the ground.

An open carrier can haul anywhere from 2-10 vehicles at a time. The vehicles transport in the open air, exposed to the weather elements such as rain, snow, dirt, and wind.

open auto transport

Open car shipping leaves your vehicle exposed to the weather elements but is still the most affordable form of transport for your vehicle, at the most affordable rate, without all the wear and tear as well!

Why open carrier transport?

Open carrier transport is the most popular type of transport option chosen for auto shippers, due to the cost being a fraction of the price of an enclosed carrier transport.

Open car shipping will get you faster booking times, since there are way more open transport carriers, then there are enclosed.

The cost to drive your vehicle from one state to another can be wearing, not only on your vehicle but on yourself as well. The cost of food, hotels and unknown weather conditions, can make transporting your vehicle, yourself, very stressful.

Benefits of shipping your vehicle on an open carrier would be, not having to put the added mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle. Let Diesel Auto Express take the worry away and call us for a free, no obligation price quote.

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