Salvages Vehicles

If your shipping agent is not asking you these questions in case of shipping a salvage vehicle, then you may want to look for a more experienced company that is going to help you plan your shipment.

  • What does your shipping agent need to know to ship your salvage vehicle in a timely fashion?
  • Is the vehicle in running condition?
  • If not, why? What is making it inoperable?
  • Are there loose parts? Are the tires flat or bent in? Does the vehicle have keys?
  • Will the vehicle roll? Do the breaks work?
  • What plan do you have for offloading the vehicle on delivery?

Giving the correct information at the time you place the reservation is key to getting your vehicle picked up and delivered without any issues. It also helps to have the correct information, so it can be quoted correctly, at the time you place the reservation, so there are no suprise cost added unexpectedly.

Shipping a salvage vehicle

Shipping a salvage vehicle does cost more for shipping because more time and effort by the driver has to be put into loading and unloading which can take anywhere from an extra 30 minutes to an extra few hours, depending on where the vehicle needs to be placed on the truck and how many other vehicles need to be shuffled around to accommodate this shipment. The driver will also have to take extra care to make sure the salvage vehicle will not leak fluid or cause damage to any of the other vehicle being transported with it.

The time frame for booking a salvage pickup can take a little longer as well. The reason for this is a driver that has the proper equipment available on his truck to accommodate this shipment will have to be sent out to transport your vehicle and not every driver is trained and has the proper tools necessary right when you need them. Please keep this in mind when planning your shipment. Everyone wants their vehicle picked up right away and if possible Diesel Auto Express will make this happen for you. But most of the time, the shipment will be a process just like the process of repairing your new salvage find!

Diesel Auto Express has been in business for over 10 years and we have shipped hundreds of salvage vehicles and we look forward to assisting you with your next salvage vehicle shipment.

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