Snowbird Shipping

What is a snowbird?

A snowbird is a gracefully aged retiree that likes to travel North and South or East and West depending on the season. You do not have to be changing states to be a snowbird, a snowbird can travel anywhere from a couple hundred miles to escape the weather elements, up to a few thousand! Either way, Diesel Auto Express is here to assist you with your shipment, so you can spend more time enjoying your retirement! After all, you deserve it!

snowbird shipping usa

Let us help you fly south for the Winter! Driving yourself can be exhausting, cause unwanted wear and tear on your vehicle, planning which hotels to stay in, where to eat and get gas, not to mention the countless hours of sitting idle in your vehicle, can cause unwanted body aches and restlessness. Don’t stress over making the long drive, let Diesel Auto Express do it for you.

Snowbird Shipping with Diesel Auto Express

Give us a call today for a quote and one of our single point of contacts will be more than happy to help.

If we can’t book your vehicle on one of the many direct trucks we own, we will be able to arrange your shipment with one of our licensed, bonded and insured carriers in our network. Either way, we have you covered from all ends. With our door to door service, tracking on request and amazing customer service, this will be the smoothest trip you’ve had in years!